Uzerche is situated in the French Corrèze. The town was built on a rather steep hill in a loop of the
Vezere river.
The Corrèze is a densely wooded region where you will find spectacular landscapes where green hills and
forests create their own subtle colours. The landscape hides beautiful villages and medieval cities.
The corrèze is part of the region Limousin and next to the Dordogne.

Asterix-believers know without any doubt the story about Uzerche. According to some archaeologists it was
the last town where the Gauls resisted Julius Ceasar. Uzerche was called Uxellodunum in these days.
Fact is that already a fortress was built in the 8th century and a lot of buildings date from ancient times.

Look for 'Uzerche' with Google and you'll find without doubt beautiful images of this town.

Things worth seeing in the area are the famous caves of Lascaux and Gouffre de Padirac. In Oradour sur
Glane you'll find a village just as the ss soldiers left it in june the 10 1944 after killing all of its inhabitants.
In the pilgrimage town Rocamadour you can see a great demonstration of birds of prey and villages like
Segur le Chateau, St. Robert, Turenne, Collonges la Rouge, Sarlat and Pompadour are really worth visiting.
Limoges is well known for its porselain-history and a little closer you can visit the beautiful town of Brive.